Privacy Policy

8. Personal information and its use

8.1. The customer gives clear and informed consent to the E-shop to process his or her personal data.

8.2. The personal data entered by the Customer upon submitting the order is entered in the customer register of the E-shop and used to provide sales services and goods to the Customer.

8.3. The source of personal data is the formation of a customer relationship when registering an order in the E-shop.

8.4. The personal data to be registered includes data on the Customer and the order (surname, first name, street, house, apartment number, settlement or city, postal code, telephone number, year of birth, sex, delivery method, payment method used, E-shop accepting Terms and Conditions of Sales, sending sales offers comments entered).

8.5. Personal data is processed by FridaHats Online OÜ, registry code 16092783, legal address Võpsiku, Odulemma, Saue parish, 76210 Harjumaa.

8.6. Personal data necessary for the brokerage of goods to the Customer shall be forwarded to the companies providing brokerage services.

8.7. The protection of personal data is guaranteed by all security measures required by law.

8.8 The E-shop undertakes not to transfer registered personal data to unauthorized persons.

8.9. The E-shop reserves the right to transfer personal data concerning the Customer to persons who have a legal right to do so and who process the data to fulfil an obligation prescribed by law and to persons who have a legal right to do so to protect the life, health or freedom of the Customer or another person.

8.10. The Customer has the right to check the personal data concerning him or her, as well as to change them or remove the data from the register.

8.11. The Customer consents to the E-shop sending an order confirmation to the e-mail address entered when submitting the order.

8.12. The Customer consents to the E-shop sending sales offers to the e-mail address entered when submitting the order, if he or she has marked the respective consent with a tick in the corresponding window on the order submission page.